Andrew T. Przlomski, M.D.

Dr. Przlomski graduated from Marquette University School of Medicine and is a non-operative spine specialist who works during the summer months at Waypoint Spine. “Dr. P” lived and practiced for many years as a family medicine doctor in the Woodruff/Minocqua area. Currently he and his wife spend winters in Florida and summers in Wisconsin.

Dr. Przlomski specializes in treating spine conditions that are typically managed non-operatively, such as compression fractures and disc herniations. Dr. Przlomski works side-by-side with Dr. Fairchild’s surgical team and physical therapy at Waypoint Spine. If surgery needs to be considered, Dr. Przlomski can quickly and efficiently communicate with Dr. Fairchild, and often, the patient will be evaluated for surgery the same day.