About Waypoint


Board Certified Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Todd A. Fairchild, M.D., founded Waypoint Spine in 2016, bringing together a team of orthopedic spine specialists to offer both conservative and surgical treatment options for a wide variety of problems with the back and neck. Dr. Fairchild's team works closely with Spine Physical Therapy, providing expert surgical intervention only when it becomes absolutely necessary. Waypoint Spine's conservative and therapeutic approach has been able to help many patients return to work or to activities they can now fully enjoy.

For those suffering with back and neck pain, it is often very difficult to gain a full understanding of the care that may be needed. At Waypoint Spine, our spine specialists spend the necessary time and focus to ensure that each patient is provided with an appropriate and easy-to-understand treatment plan. While the surgeon oversees all treatment plans, our patients will have the opportunity to work closely with our team's physician’s assistant, nurse, physical therapist, medical assistant, X-ray technician, and general practitioner, as needed. After conservative methods of treatment have been fully exhausted, or under specific or urgent circumstances, surgery may be recommended. Waypoint Spine's team will also provide a customized post-operative treatment plan, including Spine Physical Therapy where the surgeon and physical therapist work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients.


What is a “waypoint”?  A waypoint is a reference point that helps direct where we are and where we are going. Whether we are walking, driving, sailing, or flying, waypoints often help point out our path along the way.

At Waypoint Spine, our mission is to be a waypoint for those with back and neck disorders. We first establish where we are by making a clear diagnosis; in other words, we figure out which body part is causing pain. Next, we plan where we are going by developing an understandable and customized treatment plan. In most cases, we begin conservative options first, and then — only if necessary — our surgeons discuss how surgery may be beneficial. Throughout the process, we continue to set reasonable expectations and goals with our patients.

Let Waypoint Spine help you on your journey to a healthy back and neck.